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Michele 'Ama Wehali' Rozbitsky, MA LPCC is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, teacher and ceremonialist with more than twenty-seven years of practicing traditional and alternative forms of therapy and healing. She graduated in 1990 with a MA in Transformational Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, N.M.
Michele worked at ENIPC with the eigth northern Pueblos in Northern, New Mexico for six years, developing and managing a Family Violence Program called 'Peace Keepers' that exists to this day.
Michele worked at St. Vincent's Hospital in Behavioral Health as a Crisis Worker, Art Therapist and facilitating Outpatient groups giving her a well rounded grounding in working with many different aspects of life's challenges and awakenings.
Michele has been in Private Practice for 15 years.
She has been trained in various psychotherapy modalities as well as in many shamanic and healing practices.
Many modern energy healers use the word ‘Shaman’ to describe what they do. The word ‘Shaman’ comes from a word from the Tungus tribe of Siberia used to describe the ‘Healers’/‘Medicine People’ who work with the invisible spiritual realms of Nature and Humans, to bring deep healing, balance, guidance and a greater understanding of one’s soul journey. The modern day Shaman bridges together the old tradition and the new in a synthesis that offers assistance for the people who live the modern life without dishonoring what has come before but building on this knowledge.

Much of Michele's healing path has been developed from years of international spiritual journeys, teachings, ceremonies and interactions with the wisdom of indigenous peoples including Ohki Simine Forest (Mohawk Shaman/Mayan) Eric Gonzales (Mayan Fire Ceremonies) Carlos Barrios (Mayan teachings) and years of Native American Church learning from Daniel Freeland (Dine') as well as time in Peru with Peruvian shamans and hosted one from Ecuador.
Recently Michele received water Initiation Rites and recognition from a well respected Balean (Bali Shaman) while in Bali March 2014.
For ten years Michele facilitated Temple Initiation Rites, Solstices and Equinoxes and workshops at Stardreaming Temple and Labyrinth Complex south of Santa Fe.
Ancestors on fathers side from Hutshel Tribe of the Ukraine where the women where and are the healers.The meaning of her last name 'Rozbitsky' is the undefeated ones coming from a warrior clan assisting her to hold a strong space of safety for her healing work.
Her spiritual name 'Ama Wehali' means 'Water Eagle' or 'Mother of the Waters'

Michele's greatest gifts are in her ability to bring together the teachings of many cultures, to trust spiritual guidance on what is needed for healing, her visionary abilities and her ability to create and hold sacred space.
You can find out more about Michele by watching her on video through the Links page through the NM Naturpathic Show and on the OWN network show 'Miracle Detectives' and the 'Healing Dirt of Chimayo' and the 'Randal the Healer episode'

The gift of a Shamanic Practitioner is in the ability to navigate with the guidance of Spirit, accessing heightened states of intuition, creating deep and long lasting change,going to the core of long held issues and negative patterns.Many of the people who come for a shamanic session have already worked on many of their issues and are ready to get to real movement and change, gaining deeper understanding of ones Soul journey from a higher perspective.
Michele also ads the grounding of her many skills as an experienced Psychotherapist.

Come and be supported with loving acceptance and grace, while a sacred space is held for you. Great care and sensitivity is taken to be respectful of whatever spiritual path one has.
In the section about Michele's book there are reviews not only on the book but on Michele's healing work and the power of these times for deep personal transformation. Help transform humanity by your personal growth!