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Available at Llumina Press, Amazon books (see random pages of book)(the link to Amazon is on the links page), directly from the author, or locally in Santa Fe at the Ark bookstore, Palace of the Governors Shop or Folk Art Museum Bookstore.

The book is also available as "JOURNEY TO THE FIFTH WORLD THROUGH 2012" with a new cover at Amazon books and NOW AVAILABLE AT AMAZON KINDLE.

phone#to purchase through publisher 1 866 229 9244

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This book is available through Ingrams and Baker and Taylor distributors for book stores and such.

“A brilliant translation of New Age, Shamanic and Indigenous Wisdom, Michele Ama Wehali will take the reader on a compelling journey of initiation and healing, through the sacred doorways that will lead you through a profound rite of passage into the Fifth World. This is a deeply enlightening and much needed guidebook for the transformation times on the Earth.”Deborah Knighton Tallarico, Publisher-Spiritual Renaissance Publication

Come take a guided journey through a powerful initiation in preparation for the great paradigm shift of 2012 prophesied by many cultures. This literary sojourn will not only assist you in obtaining a deeper understanding of what is being asked at this time for your personal evolution, but will also help you navigate through the changes. New Age, shamanism, psychology and indigenous wisdom, are brought together in a creative synthesis that inspires profound self-reflection and spiritual growth.

We are in the midst of great evolutionary times as we are shifting from one Age to another, nearing the year 2012. Humanity is being required to find answers and solutions from a much more enlightened part of our consciousness. In the Fourth and present World we have been learning from the lessons created from a dualistic and out of balance reality. Learn how the return of the Divine Feminine is of vital importance in assisting us in completing the lessons of the past, to be able to "come full circle" into the more spiritually aligned and non-dualistic "Fifth World".

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I have great respect for Michele's visionary and shamanic healing skills and her unwavering integrity with Native wisdom. Her ability to work with the increasingly powerful energies that are infusing our planet is illuminated in her writing. Michele has bridged the gap between indigenous and present day medicine ways, in a most respectful, loving and impeccable manner.

Gini Gentry, Nagul Woman, teacher of the Toltec Eagle Knight lineage;founder of the Garden of the Goddess in New Mexico.

Comprehensive and Heartfelt,deeply insightful journey into a greater awareness of the pathway to the Fifth World. I also know Michele as a dedicated and powerful ceremonialist, who is able to transform a group working with the magical energies of Earth and Sky.

James Jereb, visionary artist, creator of 'Star Dreaming' Temple Complex.

Many thanks to Michele for birthing 'Journey to the Fifth World' at a time when it is needed the most. There were so many gifts that this book and the work with her has afforded me. The gift that offered the most comfort to me was the knowing that the changes, which I am going through, physically and emotionally, are being experienced by many and that I am not alone. The information she has gathered and generously shared in her study with many indigenous people around the world, shed light on that which I sensed but had no language for. Her words helped to bring the teachings of many great souls into my home and heart and transformed the way I live in the world.

I have been fortunate to live in Santa Fe and share both one on one work, as well as a shamanic journey group that she leads, that goes through the 'journey of healing' laid out in the book and have found the work to be life changing. There is no greater warrior to get to the heart of the matter and assist us with the work of clearing the past in order to better bring in a more positive future.

Krystal Wolf March, Southwestern College Counseling student

A clear guide for personal growth. If the reader does not have the opportunity to see Michele in a private, group or workshop session, this book is a transformational process that will create movement and change with every page that you turn. Each line is a living fabric that asks you to go deeper. In my personal transformational journey with Michele, I have experience a sacred place where I have been held and seen for the spiritual being I truly am. She pulls back the veil for us to see the full circle of our lives and the greater world!

JoAnna Conte, Southwestern College counseling student